The booking system is used for bookings over the internet via your website. You do not need a website to run as we include a basic website with every purchase.


  • SMS Reminders for appointments and for resource managers every time a resource is booked
  • Allows Book offs for all resources, for example you may want to book off Christmas day so nobody can book in advance by mistake
  • Bookings can be pending till approved, auto accepted or declined
  • Smart phone support for Android and iPhone. The Administrator App supports Windows 7, Blackberry, iPhone and Android
  • PayPal integration
  • Service based bookings
  • time-slots can be adjusted for every resource
  • Google Calendar integration

ABPro Appointment system offers many more features. To demo the back end of the system please contact us and we will give you access so you can test the entire system from the administrator point of view

This is a basic demo so you can see how easy it is to book


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What it is

An appointment booking tool for your website. Define any number of timeslots that a resource is available. A user can see when the resource is available and book an appointment. Timeslots are day-of-the-week based, not date based so it is easy to setup your availability and it will repeat week-to-week. The system supports book-offs for days the resource is not available. The Appointment Booking Pro component is ideally suited to businesses that run with daily appointments like doctors, hair stylists, spray tanning salons or driving schools. With the ability to limit bookings to a specific block of dates, it can also be used for event based appointments like parent - teacher interviews or class sign-ups.

What it is Not

Appointment Booking Pro is not an event management system. It is not a shopping cart or calendar system. It is designed purely for booking appointments with times set you to manage bookings online

Select any of the menu items to test the booking system. Please note for booking a Driving School Instructor, the resources drop down box is where you can select the driver, the same applies for Hairdressers and Hypoxi Demo. This label can be changed to Select Driver for example but for the purposes of this demo the default text is used.

Smart Phone Support for both customer bookings and Administrator Use

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